Unlocking Success: The Power of Direct Marketing

Unlocking Success: The Power of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing, a strategic approach that involves communicating with potential customers without intermediaries, offers a personalized and measurable way to connect with the audience. In the dynamic realm of direct marketing, understanding the impact of your efforts is paramount.

How to get started?

From day-to-day operations to overarching strategies, AutoROICalc stands as an indispensable ally for any business model, offering an open invitation for automation and making Business Intelligence (BI) remarkably straightforward.

Before starting any Direct Marketing activity, be sure to:

  • be aware how the measurements are made.
  • be clear where to store your measurements.
  • be confident on how to report your efforts.

It’s good to know: We have you covered!

It’s all about what you give and what you get

And we are back to ROI again. The investments and profit from a Direct Marketing campaign. For a certain period just record and report your costs and profits. But there may be more to discover. Response rate or Conversion rate, for example? Would you be interested in Cost per Response too? It’s your call now!

Let’s do it!

As there could be an unlimited number of use cases, we pick the most common.

How do you report the success of a direct marketing flyer campaign?

We need to know the number of units (flyers, money – costs) that went out for a certain time frame. For our example, let’s say we sent out 1000 flyers every Monday:

Adding a Record Manually example.
In our example, we are adding the Records manually.

Collect the response

An integral part is to collect the responses. In our case, it would be again adding the Records manually, but for example with the Record Type “Units In“.


The resulting Report then could look like this:

Sample Flyer Campaign report chart
As we can see in our Report chart, we sent our flyers batch every Monday. But in this view, we can barely see the number of responses.

Fortunately, we have an option to exclude the chart items from view:

Sample Flyer Campaign report chart filtered view.
In this case, we have a better view of the direct marketing flyer campaign units in flow (or responses).

How do you report the success of a direct marketing phone calls campaign?

Again, we need to know the number of units (phone calls in this case, costs for making the phone calls) that went out for a certain time frame:

Sample Phone Calls Campaign report chart
From the Report chart, we can feel the phone calls campaign success.

How do you report the success of a direct email marketing campaign?

Direct email marketing is pretty “digital” so not much effort is required to get some relevant results about the success of the campaign. Tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Brevo, GetResponse, or HubSpot provide instant ideas about open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and many more and almost in real-time.

But still, if there’s a need to “hunt” the exact ROI of a direct email marketing campaign, some additional setup is required:

  • Use our Custom Web Events Tracking Module to collect the email marketing campaign name for the Record source(s).
  • Make your website or e-commerce report your order’s revenue and profit.
  • Do not forget to collect your email marketing campaign costs.
  • Create a nice and fresh Report to get your ROI.

As we can see, even in the digital world of the internet it is sometimes complicated to get the numbers that matter. But we are here to help!

Where’s the ROI?

As indicated at the beginning, we can imagine anything “Units Out” or “Units In“. Units Our may be your costs. Units In may be your profit.

That’s how you unlock the success of your current and future direct marketing campaigns – be still on track, know what’s going on and what you get back, with possibilities to improve to keep the ROI as high as possible.

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