Activities Recording

Record crucial business activities

The Record speaks for itself. If there is some activity and we want to report it, first we must note and record it. In the case of AutoROICalc, this can be done manually, or better, automatically.

Any Business Model Feature

Any Business Model

Enjoy the design that makes it possible to involve any business model. There are no limits for recording activities of any kind.

Open for Automation Feature

Open for Automation

Use the AutoROICalc API to automate your business activities recording. Then enjoy the reporting only with the movement of your finger.

Easy Import and Export Feature

Easy Import and Export

Have a lot of data? Use the batch import option accepting CSV and XML formats. Export the Records to backup or process your data externally.

Records Always Under Control Feature

Always Under Control

The insertion of Records is not final. Changing of data sometimes just happens. Thus, be free to edit or delete your existing Records.

This is what you are free to do with your Records:

  • Add, Clone, Update, Delete a Record manually
  • Add, Update, Delete Records using API
  • Import Records from CSV or XML
  • List Records & Filter by Date Range, Record Type, Record Source, Description, or Value range
  • Export listed Records to CSV or XML

What your volume will be?


Enough space to capture what matters?

0 €

per user per 30 days

  • Max Records: 10000


For really demanding individuals


per user per 30 days

  • Max Records: 100000


Will you need even more? Just let us know…


per user per 30 days

  • Max Records: 1000000

Carefree Reporting

Business Intelligence made easy

The AutoROICalc Report represents the selected Records development for a certain time period. The Report does all the painful stuff to get useful visualization and data table.

From Operations to Strategies Feature

From Operations to Strategies

Report your activities from hour to hour, year to year. Scale your reporting from operational to strategic. Use the spectrum of the reporting time bases: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Periods with no Limits Feature

Periods with no Limits

Enjoy your preferred reporting period type. Set fixed date from and date to or use dynamic ranges.

Alwasy up to Date Feature

Always up to Date

There are no pre-conditions in order to create various kinds of Reports. Your Reports will be up to date with the new Records influx.

Easy Data Enrichment Feature

Easy Data Enrichment

Do simple math operations between various Report Items including calculation of the ROI. Set up your own rules for the data enrichment.

This is how you will enjoy your Reports:

  • Add, Clone, Update, Delete a Report manually
  • Pin a Report to Home Screen
  • Share Report with Public URL
  • Share Report with Another AutoROICalc User
  • Export Report to PDF using custom template
  • Instant export Report chart as PNG image
  • Instant download the Report data Table as CSV
  • Update the Report Data Range on the fly
  • Calculate instant Trend Lines
  • Forecast Report Data
  • View the Records sources distribution
  • View Conversion Paths

Be free to setup your Reports according to your needs:

  • Pick the Reporting period type that suits
  • Pick the Reporting time base. It could be: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Hourly Report
  • Craft the Report Items on your own: Select which Records will be included
  • Add desired Data Enrichment
  • Add Report Automation
  • Include the Report in Dashboard

Scale your Reporting abilities


Get an instant view of what’s going on for free!

0 €

per user per 30 days

  • Max Reports: 3
  • Report items data enrichment & forecasting


For cases where the look & sharing takes a role


per user per 30 days

  • Max Reports: 10
  • Everything in Free +
  • Customized Reports PDF templating
  • Shareable Reports via public URL
  • Share Report with another User


Truly CareFree! Set once, enjoy forever!


per user per 30 days

  • Max Reports: 100
  • Everything in Starter +
  • Reports Automation

The True Place for Your Decision Making

Keep your Business on the track

Finally, a Dashboard makes it possible to have a view of the Reports that are related to each other. The AutoROICalc Dashboard represents a view of selected Reports.

Group the Reports Feature

Group the Reports

The relevant Reports group is such a “feel-good” matter. The crucial pieces of information you need.

E-Mail Scheduling Feature

E-mail scheduling

Schedule your Dashboards to regularly arrive in your mailbox. This lets you stay up to date without the need to log in.

Set Once, Enjoy Forever Feature

Set Once, Enjoy Forever

Let the AutoROICalc create and update your Dashboards according to the recurring reporting periods for more convenience.

Share with Your Team Feature

Share with Your Team

Share the Reports with your team members. Include their shared Reports into your Dashboards.

What makes it CareFree?

  • Add, Clone, Update, Delete a Dashboard manually
  • Include Reports in Dashboard in desired order
  • Schedule automated e-mail reporting
  • Reports included in Dashboard are independent, it’s a kind of view
  • Include shared Reports from other Users in your own Dashboards

How many will you need?


Make your Dashboard a shining star!

0 €

per user per 30 days

  • Max Dashboards: 1
  • Max automated Dashboards email receivers count: 1
  • Automated Dashboards email reporting


Individuals and small teams are covered


per user per 30 days

  • Max Dashboards: 3
  • Max automated Dashboards email receivers count: 3
  • Everything in Free


Will you need even more? Just let us know…


per user per 30 days

  • Max Dashboards: 100
  • Max automated Dashboards email receivers count: 10
  • Everything in Starter


Allow yourself to have all the important insights clearly in one place

Make the magic happen.

AutoROICalc API Feature


Integrate anything possible in any desired way. It doesn´t matter if we are talking about major services or custom solutions. The simple interface lets you make it possible with joy.

Facebook Ads Manager Integration Feature

Facebook Ads Manager

With AutoROICalc, it is now possible to get and report the performance of the ads automatically based on a daily schedule. See immediately if the Facebook Ads are performing well or not.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Integrate it with AutoROICalc to get the crucial Google Analytics data on a daily scheduled basis.

Automated Data Imports

Automated Data Imports

There are two options with the available integration of external services. Either import the desired data per a certain time period manually or set automated imports on a daily scheduled basis. Save time and know what you’re up to effortlessly.

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CareFree Data Collection, Enrichment and Reporting

With a strong focus on simplicity and automation!

  • Record and Report Crucial Business Activities.
  • From Operations to Strategies.
  • Any Business Model.
  • Open for Automation.
  • Business Intelligence Made Easy
  • Comfy Sharing & E-mail Reporting.
  • Set Once, Enjoy Forever!

Enjoy Premium features in the 30-day free trial.