Thank your Universal Analytics. Cheers Google Analytics 4

Thank your Universal Analytics. Cheers Google Analytics 4

Finally, the next-generation Google Analytics 4 has replaced Universal Analytics. On July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics properties stopped processing new data. Is that the beginning of a new era?

Goodbye Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 represent two distinct versions of the popular analytics platform offered by Google. While Universal Analytics has been the go-to solution for tracking website and app data for many years, Google Analytics 4 introduces a new and more advanced approach to analytics.

A significant change with a new Analytics generation

The critical difference lies in the data model: Universal Analytics relies on a session-based tracking model, whereas Google Analytics 4 adopts an event-based data model. This shift allows for more granular tracking of user interactions across multiple platforms, deeper insights with machine learning-powered features, enhanced privacy controls, and improved cross-platform tracking capabilities.

Will users like it? What about benefits?

Google Analytics 4 brings several benefits to businesses and marketers. Firstly, the event-based data model provides a more comprehensive view of user interactions, allowing for a detailed analysis of specific actions and behaviors. This enables businesses to gain deeper insights into user engagement and optimize their digital experiences accordingly. Secondly, the integration of machine learning capabilities enables automatic insights generation, helping companies to identify valuable trends, anomalies, and opportunities within their data.

Talking about improved tracking

Additionally, Google Analytics 4 offers improved cross-platform tracking, allowing businesses to understand user journeys across websites, mobile apps, and other digital touchpoints. This holistic view provides a more accurate representation of user behavior and helps businesses make data-driven decisions. Finally, the enhanced privacy controls and data collection options align with evolving privacy regulations, ensuring businesses can track and analyze data while maintaining user privacy and consent management.

Integrate Google Analytics 4

We are excited to announce a major upgrade! AutoROICalc is now equipped with seamless integration with Google Analytics 4. This powerful integration takes your data analysis and custom reporting capabilities to new heights, revolutionizing the way you measure and optimize your marketing performance. Delve into the specific actions and behaviors that drive your ROI.

A screenshot from Google Analytics integration.
A screenshot from Google Analytics integration.

Find the upgraded integration under your Account -> Integrations page.

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