Add Records

Activities Recording

Record crucial business activities

Any Business Model Feature

Any Business Model

Enjoy the design that makes it possible to involve any business model. There are no limits for recording activities of any kind.

Open for Automation Feature

Open for Automation

Use the AutoROICalc API to automate your business activities recording. Then enjoy the reporting only with the movement of your finger.

Easy Import and Export Feature

Easy Import and Export

Have a lot of data? Use the batch import option accepting CSV and XML formats. Export the Records to backup or process your data externally.

Records Always Under Control Feature

Always Under Control

The insertion of Records is not final. Changing of data sometimes just happens. Thus, be free to edit or delete your existing Records.

CareFree Data Collection, Enrichment and Reporting

  • Record and Report Crucial Business Activities.
  • From Operations to Strategies.
  • Any Business Model.
  • Open for Automation.
  • Business Intelligence Made Easy
  • Comfy Sharing & E-mail Reporting.
  • Set Once, Enjoy Forever!